Mazzini Professional Makeup Artist Rolling Case Organizer by JustCase

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Case Details

A beautiful design for your every day use. This case has a 2-in-1 purpose. You can detach the other half if your not taking all of your beauty essentials. Did I mention it's very light weight? It is easy to drag wherever you want to go and most especially this case has a dot texture on them to give add extra special on details. The top part of the case has four extendable trays to give you a lot of spaces at the bottom compartment. It makes your day easier and fashionable.

  • High quality aluminum finish and construction with reinforced steel corners for extra durability
  • Beautiful new dot finish with silver aluminum trimming
  • Heavy duty handle for added comfort and grip
  • Lock and key system for added security
  • Retractable/telescoping handle for extra durability with wheels for easy rolling
  • Removable tray with adjustable dividers in lower storage
  • Overall case dimension (LxWxH): 14.75" x 10.5" x 31.5"